A Quick Counting of Gifts

764. Talking to Barb and William
765. Exhausting little girls playing at the park and watching youth soccer
766. Sewing up sweet Jump Rope Dresses
767. Becca watching Bronwyn while I took Aeralind to the Dr’s
768. Treatment for the yeasty diaper rash
769. Little girls playing in Becca’s playhouse
770. Pushing Daylin in the swing
771. Arguing with Daylin about the Pegasus on her shirt
772. Brady begging for my attention
773. Tired little flushed girls snuggling on our laps
774. Becca helping me take Aeralind back to the doctor for polka dotted skin
775. Aeralind taken off the antibiotic and ears pronounced clear
776. Spontaneously dropping down to 2 nursing a day on that crazy day (and the day after) woohooo!
777. Breastfeeding these girls for a year (and slightly beyond)
778. Getting excited about being on the board of my local Mom of Multiples club (even though I’m out of my comfort zone in some ways)
779. Having only slightly baby related heart conversation with Marcie in the parking lot until way past my bedtime
780. Little girls squealing at Bouncing Babies
781. Bronwyn sharing her toys and smiling at the grown ups
782. Aeralind bravely exploring the whole noisy toddler filled room.
783. Going to the park with the SG girls and there babies
784. The girls climbing up the stairs on the toddler slide and squealing delightedly for my attention
785. Little Eric’s giggles
786. Bronwyn talking incessantly for the last 3 days. It’s hysterical!
787. Cool weather
788. Cool weather, open window, snuggles with Derek at night.

holy experience