I’ve had a pretty rotten weekend overall.  Derek and I were constantly bickering or I was just crying because I couldn’t cope with anything.  I’m pregnant and fighting a cold or allergies… and nothing was going the way I thought it should.

Now we’re back to the humility thing, maybe even coupled with the perfectionism thing.

Long story short: this weekend became all about me.

And the truth is: It’s not all about me.

And it never will be.

So then I get hit in between the eyes with this sermon.

Ouch.  Seriously.  Go listen.

Shut it and Live it.

Not two hours later we’re already bickering again.  Over not getting our own ways.

Oh, Lord Jesus, give us that empowering grace to be hearers that do.

All I can do is say thank you for what happens… and let go of my own grand scheme.  It’s not about me.
Counting #2024-2046 of the gifts He keeps giving me… often unexpectedly.

  • First bowls of cereal
  • yummy chocolate mousse out with UMOMs
  • Barely enough drop cloth to finish the chair slipcover
  • Summer session of Ladies bible study
  • Play date at amber’s
  • Laughing as Aeralind shoved 4 older kiddos out of an overcrowded playhouse so she could play with her sister and the youngest boy
  • Hangin out with Becca
  • Watching truck movies with Brady and the girls
  • Becca giving me a long overdue haircut (I’m luck if it gets cut twice a year!)
  • Long naps
  • Playing with Aeralind on our date day
  • Laughing as a move to throw herself down in a tantrum was thought better of at the last second as Aeralind instead decided to meow and crawl and pretend to be a kitty.  In the middle of the mall no less!
  • Splashing in a new toddler pool
  • Aeraling going poop in the potty-  We might just get it yet!
  • Bronwyn’s surprised face as we joined her and daddy for lunch
  • watching the girls play in the mud and throw rocks on our Father’s day hike
  • the girls having the best day ever
  • My dad teaching me to both preserver and not to be afraid to try something new
  • seeing the girls play with Sullivan 
  • Meeting Jessica finally after stalking each other’s blogs for over a year and living less than 40 minutes apart!
  • Forgiveness.
  • Empowering Grace.
  • Constant Bronwyn snuggles or kisses everyday this last week.

holy experience