Beauty in the Moments

Lately I’ve been on a beauty hunt. A cross mounted as clouds in the sky or a series of grass tufts blown over in the wind make my heart soar.  But equally, I’m learning to treasure those moments that might not seem so beautiful initially: like Bronwyn lying feverish next to me on the pillow when the last thing I want to be doing is caring for a sick baby.

It hard to see the beautiful in what we might traditionally label ugly.
But I’m learning.

#1425-1486 of the Endless Blessings He Gives

  • Visit with Joanna
  • Bronwyn snuggling on my back- randomly feverish- while I make pizza
  • Play dough- still so fun!
  • Finishing Amber’s Photos
  • Little girls pushing lawn mowers all over the clean downstairs
  • Fajita pizza
  • leading a talk with other mothers of twins about relationships at our local club meeting
  • Reading a book on a quiet night
  • Asking the tough questions and seeking the answers with Julia
  • Ann’s post exactly corresponding on the day Julia and I discuss our chapter of Sacred Sex
  • Two. TWO! fabulous little girls with feet so dirty, sweeping the kitchen with me.
  • All three of us petting kitty
  • Being wooed by the great Lover
  • Little girls climbing into window sill- testing new skils
  • cans of this and that, a box of pasta, and some sausage combining easy into dinner
  • Littel girls somehow managing to back-comb their fine fine hear every time they lay down to sleep
  • Washing diaper laundry at Q’s
  • Singing song in my head while swimming laps
  • Caresses
  • A shower before breakfast!
  • Returning to Bouncing Babies
  • Watching Bronwyn follow Amber around after being give the privledge of pounding out her name
  • Hanging out with Chella, a fifth grader I mentor
  • Talking about laziness and the gratitude with Chella
  • Being convicted of my own sin
  • Editing most of Ali’s images
  • Karen graciously allowing me to come wash laundry last minute
  • Mandy being willing to let me wash laundry, but letting me know she had a cold before I cam over
  • Warm weather
  • Still having 1 pair of toddler pants and two pairs clean despite millions of blow-outs since the washer broke
  • Bi-lo yogurt 20 for $9. What a treat!
  • Karen asking us to say for dinner
  • Karen and I laughing silly over the similarities between toddlers and puppies- Chew toys, obedience school, potty training, house breaking 
  • Most of my laundry clean again
  • the strength to love and cuddle two gassy creaming little girls through 3 wakings
  • Finding that my sweet husband had let me stay asleep until 9 am after that long night
  • Watching and laughing hard at a video taken by naughty girls on top of the table
  • Videos-moments frozen in time
  • the texture of dry grass blown into clumps by the wind
  • 65+ degree weather and two family park days this weekend!
  • Yougurt on sale at Publix 20 for $8.  Publix yogurt is our favorite!
  • Clean bathroom sink
  • Girls quiet and asleep at 9:30
  • Twin laughter as we ate dinner on the porch with our toes on theirs
  • Aeraling songs- she hums and giggles and squeaks with glee
  • Bronwyn using the potty again. Joy!
  • Convenience foods. We rarely use them, but it’s great when we need it!
  • The skin of his back warm underneath fingers
  • Baking soda and vinegar working on a clog
  • wool socks- clean! again thanks to Karen.  They’re such warmth and comfort to me!
  • Strength in thanks for yet another night filled with waking
  • Malachi overview at church- the ton of Malachi is so where my heart is tempted to rest. God tells me truth and I point my little fingers toward heave and say the opposite in accusation.
  • Derek going bird-watching so I could edit photos for my last client
  • Being asked to help plan a surprise for a friend- I’m sooo excited!!!
  • Karen calling to say she found me a sitter
  • My big girls climbing the big ride on toys at the park
  • Girls climbing the hill from the field
  • Prunes 🙂
  • Long snuggles with a feverish Bronwyn
  • 2 stretches of at least 3.5 hours of sleep

holy experience