Coming Back

I’m slowly coming back out of a coma.
No, I haven’t been in a car wreck or otherwise had my health compromised.

You see gift #1583: “a very unexpected surprise!”Β  has been wrecking havoc with me.Β  That gift made it impossible for me to be awake during the girl’s nap time (and my typical blog time) for about 10 weeks now.

But I’m slowly coming back out of the coma and wanted to introduce you personally to gift #1583.

Say hello to the singleton baby πŸ™‚

We’re all doing great now that we’re through the insanity of the first trimester.Β  My energy is being restored and I’m enjoying this time with my two before they become three πŸ™‚


  • Little Aeralind girls snuggling with my childhood teddy “Cranky” and playing with his whiskers just like I would

  • Bronwyn feeding 9 month Addison Cheerios one by one
  • Dani bringing Addison and Colton to play on a cold dreary day after a sleepless night for our house
  • B & A reading with Dani
  • Exhausted babies napping well
  • Helman’s Mayo commercial dances with hubby
  • 10 minutes of Bronwyn snuggles first thing in the morning
  • Daddy and Aeralind joining us in bed
  • Bronwyn wrapping the birding Gwampa around her little fingers- I think she convinced him that she was incapable of walking long distances
  • Little Ponytails!

  • Ruthing and Nana taking the girls overnight at the farm
  • Date Night with Derek
  • Laughing hysterically over the tot sized potty at ToysRUs with a complete stranger
  • Snuggling on the couch
  • Uneventful drives to and from Atlanta
  • Only being the second shooter at Derek’s sister’s wedding
  • Being able to explore wedding photography creatively with the pressure off of having to capture every shot
  • Playing with Sun Flare

  • Capturing details like toes, dresses, flower girl shoes
  • Watching Mariana dance and snuggle with her Uncle Derek
  • Getting to talk to Aunt “Monkey” at the reception
  • Aeralind waking up to snuggle because of gas right as we got home from Georgia. After 2 nights away, momma needed the snuggles more than Aerie did!
  • Exhausted slug state and the husband with the energy and grace to just let me rest most of the morning
  • Aeralind tackling the biggest, bumpiest slide at the playground all by herself and sitting on her bottom.
  • Biodiversity in my backyard: I do believe we have 4 different types of grass and 16+ types of weeds.Β  At least it’s green πŸ™‚
  • Red-Tailed Hawk flying right over us
  • Neglected Lilies of the Valley coming back up this year
  • Vocabulary Explosions
  • 7 hours overtime due to his bosses vacation even if it means less daddy time
  • Sunshine after a week of rain
  • Aeralind snuggling with my 27 year old Cranky bear
  • Talking with Tamara
  • More paint applied to cabinet doors
  • Final paint color selectedΒ 
  • Free breakfast with the family at Chick-fil-a
  • Library Programs
  • First Ponytails the the dozen or so since
  • Friday with a fun weekend ahead of us (after last weekend was spent nursing the stomach bug)
  • Julia πŸ™‚
  • Hard stories, but ones of Redemption
  • True peek-a-boo with the girls
  • Open mouthed on the mouth roaring Aeralind kisses
  • All but 7 cabinet doors completely primed
  • After 7 months without being near one, the girls still loving the swimming pool!
  • While teaching Aeralind that if she falls in the pool to turn and grab the side, seeing her do a pull up on the poolside to chew/teeth on the concrete. Hysterical!
  • Brady’s Party πŸ™‚
  • Little Bronwyn Making other feed her fruit salad simply by smiling and signing please
  • Aeralind stealing and shoveling unattended cupcakes into her mouth! (3 to be precise!)
  • Derek taking back the two bags of rotten baby carrots.