Counting His Gifts

301. Allergy friendly menu at Red Robin!  How nice to know what I can eat and how to order it!
302. Seedling Babies: Tomatoes and a pumpkin and hopefully more to emerge soon
303. 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep 3 nights
304. Watching Aeralind roll. 
305. A sweet Bronwyn snuggle as I laid her in bed
306. Watching sweet little Reagan and her momma, serene in their nursery
307. Chicken Salad Sandwiches
308. Friends over for a vist
309. 5 little boys in my house!
310. Hanging out with Claudia and Ashley on Friday
311. Sailor collars
312. A church that believes and participates in Church Discipline (even when it’s hard)
313. Baby feet and toes
314. Teaching sewing to the Hopper girls
315. A car to drive
316. Bibs
317. Neighbors who care

holy experience