Counting more Gifts

Kate begging for kisses from me in the toddler nursery
Fussy Bronwyn making herself at home with mom, dad, and the ‘big’ kids in the toddler nursery
Nursery workers coming over laughing because Aeralind was kicking her legs so hard in the swingthat she was swinging herslef
Babies going back to sleep unaided after a very early morning wake up
Baby laundry washed and hung
First melon from the garden
A Little House Board Book from the library!
Peaches, Plums, Pears for $.45 a pound at Aldi
Cherry cobbler with Derek
Coffee Table Repainted
Swimming pool with Derek and the girls
Taking Photos of the entire Steven’s Clan: such joy and personality!
Chick-fil-a with Derek and the girls playing and smiling at other kiddos in the play place
Derek and I discussing a chore chart for us complete with allowance 🙂
A sweet baby shower for Super Brandt
Talking to Lindy in the parking lot
A sweet phone call from Heather J
Catching up with Mandy and Kelsey at the shower
Adorable little girl snuggles

holy experience