It ought to be a dirty word… at least for me.

I struggle more with discontentment than anything else.  Perhaps it’s just a symptom of perfectionism or perhaps it’s really the disease itself.  I can’t figure that out.  Let me know if you have any insight into the matter 😉

Nothing is ever good enough.  My expectations are always too high (and often crushed).  I’m often critical of myself and others.

I haven’t found anything close to a cure, but gratitude is certainly the best medicine.

#1957 -1983 gifts

  • 2nd trimester energy
  • Peanut Butter on Little Foreheads
  • Sewing Progress
    • 1 Maternity/Nursing Dress (tutorial soon!)
    • 1 Maternity Top
    • 6 Training Pants finished and 4 cut out
    • 4 Toddler Dresses Cut out
    • 1 Maternity Top Cut out
  • Derek coming home after stressful days
  • Little girls drinking from big girl cups
  • A & B gettign a glimpse of Little Bit, even if they were completely uninterested
  • Swimming with 5 toddlers at Mandy’s amazing gradual entry pool!
  • Finding Heathers Keys in my bag
  • Being unable to find my own keys
  • Mandy taking the girls and I home while stranded until dinner time
  • Watching Aerie bounce on her asleep sister on the queen bed
  • Girls taking a bit of a nap in a very unfamiliar place
  • Sunglass playtime with Raegan
  • A yummy meal shared
  • Girls who slept through the whole night for the first time in 5 days after our pool/lost keys saga
  • Crazy cookout at Uncle Q’s house
  • Little girls chowing down on stranger’s food
  • Keys finally found 3 days later
  • Picking blackberries with babies
  • Aeralind actually picking a pin for her bucket
  • Randomly walking around the TR Farmers Market
  • Swimming with the girls
  • Slow Sunday
  • Finding life vests small enough for the girls after finding out arm floats won’t work with such short necks
  • Lifevest being 1/2 the price (and not neon pink) at Amazon!
  • Potentially being able ot take both girls to the pool alone 🙂
  • Bronwyn handing me a joyful bouquet of dandelions

holy experience