Easter Thanks

 Easter.  The Resurrection.  In one moment, where a dead man breathed anew, the entire order of the world changed.  Humanity went from a dying people estranged from a Holy God to a people loved so completely that the very same God would purchase us back from slavery to sin with the blood of His very Life.  We were redeemed.  And so I sit again to count moments as redeemed for His glory.


  • Overtime and gas reimbursement equaling enough to pay off the rest of our insurance deductible for the year
  • 2 Sunshine Radians and my already owned Graco SnugRide fitting 3 across in my Corolla Rear Facing
  • Powering through the editing of my images from my last session.
  • Clothing from Auntie Jen, always unexpected and always super cute
  • Throw up bug #2 being far less sever than the first and only affecting Aeralind one time
  • Bronwyn, Derek, and I unaffected by bug #2
  • Babies holding hands during a meal
  • Correct context and usage of the words “uh oh” as taught by Aunt Ruthie and Carol
  • Amber’s Simply Said launch party with grown-up conversation!
  • Looking forward to hosting my own Simply Said Party 🙂
  • Hosting a party giving me a firm deadline for completing the kitchen cabinets remodel
  • Babies who sign 🙂
  • Apple Butter
  • Avocado
  • Zoo play date canceled due to weather that caused me to invite myself to the farm to help with Easter celebration preparations
  • Carol telling me of the Lord allowing her to cross one of the busiest roads in our town 3 different times with no traffic when she was grocery shopping when she wasn’t feeling well.  What thankfulness!
  • Washing tons of dishes
  • Seeing how smart the girls are through Ruthie and Carol’s eyes as Aeralind put away CDs and Bronwyn climbed a bar stool to stand on top and thieve food.
  • Being told and watching how well the girls listen to no
  • Ruthie and Carol finally witnessing the “smile cutely and wave” version of defiance
  • Bronwyn’s sign language and spoken language taking off and seeing how proud she is that she can communicate successfully
  • Aeralind happily mopping the floor with a wet rag
  • Washing tons of dishes, peeling dozens of eggs, making fruit salad, and peeling apples for pie to help Carol prepare for 70 guests
  • Meeting Derek at Chick-fil-a for dinner
  • Yummy non-rotten baby Carrots
  • 71 people running in joyful chaos all over the farm
  • Yummy food
  • singing with 71 voices
  • the girls riding a horse with Aunt Ruthie
  • laughing at a pant-less Aeralind watching everyone outside the window and refusing to nap
  • Hearing the Gospel on Easter- Oh, the Joy!
  • Girls eating/teething on raw baby carrots
  • laundry on the line
  • A & B conquering all but two climbable surfaces of the 7 at the 2-5 year park. Scared me senseless at time… but they are so proud of themselves!
  • A potential new client

holy experience