The temptation arises again this week: the one to complain.
The one to say that these good gifts (no matter how disguised) aren’t enough.
That Jesus and His sacrifice isn’t enough.

The facts are simple:
Sick feverish baby boy.
Snotty sick toddler girls.
Little sleep.
Tummy bug crashing through all females in the house.
Almost no sleep that night.

It was a hard week.
But hard weeks are good gifts.
Because they bring me to my knees.
The shove me off my throne of control.
They show me my weakness.
They keep me humble.
They reinforce that He is enough.
He is the only thing I need.

He is Enough.

#3059-3079 Gifts Proclaiming that He is Enough

  • Toddlers saying “ribbit ribbit!”
  • Running into Karen at Hobby Lobby & Jay calling the girls friends
  • Karen and I laughing with our eyes as an older lady told our kids not to touch harmless things
  • Girls cuddling and reading with me for an hour while sick
  • Carrying boy upstairs in his laundry basket
  • Walking out of Target at 10pm with a case of diapers haphazardly balanced on my head
  • The glorious rainbow covered full moon
  • Hearing the song “Come Thou Font of Every Blessing. after 2 nights where my longest stretch of sleep was 1.5 hours and I’m tempted to complain (O to Grace! how great a debtor!)
  • Repentance
  •  Julia on FB chat helping me see the depth of my own sin
  • Vomit bug only lasting 12 hours
  • Hero husband self-sacrificially thanking care of 3 vomiting women all hours of the night.
  • Girls, daddy, and I all falling asleep in our bed after the girls climbing in to “wake-up”
  • Sedryn boy sleeping late to make our early morning family nap after sickness possible.
  • Already having Pedialyte and yummy homemade no sugar applesauce on hand
  • Joy in giving so Dixie could go serve in Ecador
  • Ruthie dropping carpet cleaner off in the midst of the vomit bug
  • Afternoon in the pool with the girls
  • Sedryn lying contently in his carseat next to the lifeguards
  • Both girls shedding “turtle” and “crab” willingly to practice swimming
  • Derek willingly staying home when I woke to a fever and mastitis
  • Boy with lost pacifier found sucking on his crib rail

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