Fall Thanks

I love fall.

I love the leaves falling,
the temperature dropping,
the warm snuggles under the covers,
and the colors showing so vibrantly.

The steady march of change.

despite my love of fall,
I hate change.

I hate when after sleeping through the night for months,
a baby awakes for a snack.

I hate when after enjoying their company for so long,
a friend moves away.

I hate when the joy of a moment has been savored,
and then the moment passes.

But one thing I’m learning is that
change is what God uses to keep me dependent upon him.
Without change I become comfortable.
And with comfort comes the one thing He despises most:

complacency (noun): self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies.

So He changes everything: the seasons, my life, my children, my relationships.

In change, I glimspe the actual danger of sin.

In change, I know my deficiencies.

And thought I hate change, I will worship the Creator of change.

I will give thanks to the One who never wavers: the One who is Unchanging.

842. The signs of change ripening in the form of pumpkins

843. The truth that I fail.
844. The bigger Truth that Jesus is the propitiation of my sins: He is the one God looks upon when evaluating my righteousness.  So my failures (while terrible) don’t count against me (though they do grieve me).
845. Hanging onto that truth at a 4:30 wake up… even after multiple failures
846. Watching Bronwyn play in a Cozy Coupe at Daylin’s birthday

847. Daylin pulling out my present, asking me what each item was, and, after laying them on the ground, declaring “I like it!”
848. Aeralind wallowing in the sandbox: snotty nose and all

849. The girls gobbling down hot dogs for the first time at Day’s party
850. Talking to Lisa at Day’s party about the difficulties of raising kids with potential issues with dairy
851. Runny noses disappearing 2 days after taking them off whole milk
852. The girls chewing on and climbing all over pumpkins at the pumpking patch

853. Sweet hugs and cuddles
854. The hope that tomorrow brings

holy experience