Frustration: The Point of Learning

Once again, I usually have this post scheduled by Sunday night, but not so much this time.  Allergy season has gotten the best of me and the girls as well.  However, it truly is grace that I had not written this until today (although I had written some thanks in a paper journal).  I very much needed to read Ann’s Post before I wrote mine.  My humble heart needed the reminder to keep doing the next thing and to be grateful for the thing at hand.

As I sit here writing this post my two baby girls are both frustrated.

Aeralind is frustrated because all she wanted to do is grab the airplane toy in front of her.  It was slightly out of her reach, so she folded up one leg and tried to push it under her body.  Once it’s under her she pushes back up on her arms and manages to move backward and further from her goal.  Aeralind is now about 3 feet from her airplane goal.

Bronwyn is frustrated because she has mastered the art of rolling back to belly but cannot remember where to put her arms so that she can roll back onto her back.  I’m actually not quite sure how she hasn’t pulled her arm out of her socket yet. Bronwyn is about to surrender with the whining of frustration and laying her head down to rest.

Why am I watching them struggle and not simply rescuing them?

Because if I rescue Aeralind every time will she ever learn to crawl?  If I rescue Bronwyn every time will she ever relearn how to roll belly to back?

Probably not.

If He rescues me from my pride, or my circumstances, or my bitterness, or my perfectionism, will I ever learn?

I most definitely will not learn.

Frustration is the point of learning.  The point where we have the opportunity to say, “Something here is not working so I need to change part of the equation.  I need to learn a new way to cope.”

Thank you, Ann, for showing me that the cure for so much of my heart sickness (and even it’s perfectionism) is thanksgiving.

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