Gifts from a Crazy Weekend

673. Going 26 years without being stung by a yellow jacket
674. Benadryl
675. Cortisone Cream
676. Aeralind being such a trooper with her stings
677. Bronwyn escaping unscathed
678. Derek bravely striding back toward to yellow jackets to retrieve the dropped diaper bag
679. Sweet lady holding Bronwyn while we collect ourselves/sooth Aeralind
680. Nursery working coming over laughing about how the girls were flirting with little Titus who was sitting on a car.  Apparently they were squeezing his muscles and sticking their hands in his mouth.  I wonder if he enjoyed double the attention :-p
681. Girls still napping
682. Fun fabric banner made for the girls birthday
683. Matching table runner top finished
684. Mixing the perfect color paint with paints I had on hand
685. Leftovers
686. Snuggling with my girls
687. Bending over to walk a grinning oh-so-proud Bronwyn up and down the church corridors
688. Girls still asleep… might be transitioning to one nap soon
689. Dreary monday weather after a long and exciting weekend
690. Little girl laughter as we play baby ninjas in the pool
691. Little girl laughter as daddy blows raspberries on their necks
692. Rest

holy experience