(Pronounced Gog-goose-moss)
Say it aloud with gusto a few times.
Now sort of grunt it under your breath.
Isn’t it a beautiful word?
It’s Greek.  It’s an onomatopoeia.
What do you think it means?
It’s in the following verse:

Do all things without grumbling or disputing…  Phil. 2:14

Yep: it’s the word grumbling, complaining, and murmuring.
It’s one of the things I’m trying to let go of this year
And, honestly, I’m not doing so well in my own strength.  But isn’t that how it always is?  His grace made perfect in my weakness?

Saying thank you stops some grumbling and it’s the one tool He’s given me right now to combat the constant stream of complaint.

3039-3058 of One Thousand Gifts I count.

“Goldfish Jumping Out of the Bowl”

  • Davina
  • Sweet tired Brownyn at Shepherding Group snuggles
  • Boy rolling over on the table top to show off to my MOPS discussion group
  • Warm weather
  • Perfect bird coasters
  • Writing on my door posts
  • Putting scripture promises on my wall
  • Learning more about how to lead and discipline my children
  • Quietness of naptime
  • Aeralind’s sweet voice saying “Mommy!” telling me she was awake and wanted to be snuggled
  • Parent on Purpose Workshops
  • Representing God to our Children class
  • Hearing Jeff talk about representing God’s Justice
  • Realizing that A & B are expressing in concrete terms that they understand justice when they are shouting “Sissy! Spank!” when sissy does something in disobedience/defiance.  Such a perspective shift for me to know that they’re understanding Justice 🙂
  • Talking about “Missions” t-shirts for our Shepherding Group with Karen
  • Talking in real conversations with the girls
  • Crayons
  • Laughing with Derek about the girls combined artwork which we’ve titled “Goldfish jumping out of the bowl”
  • Derek spontaneously mulching the yard and getting rid of the yucky box woods
  • Pan of best ever brownies that Derek made from scratch

holy experience