Good Graces

I didn’t stop much to say “Thank You” this week.  It was a blur of activity and sleeplessness.  I suffered for my discontent later in the week as the ongoing trial of sleep deprivation continued. 

Oh, Lord, help me to count the moments as good graces that you give!

Counting 2120-2128 of the Quiet Gifts He Gives Each Day

  • Seeing a humming bird up close with Bronwyn
  • 2 nights of consequetive sleep
  • Waterpark fun with the UMoMmies
  • Snuggling Aeralind on a tube in the lazy river
  • Bronwyn doing the same with daddy
  • The girls asking to play dress up
  • Hysterical girl chosen outfits
  • Derek’s patience with me
  • The Lord’s patience and kindness to me

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