There are still days where I rush all day and, by early evening, I just can’t wait to just rest and do my own thing.  There are days where I am frustrated by every childish whine.  There are days when I long for a clean, decorated, and de-cluttered house and frown unhappy at my budget.  There are days that catch me just wanted that one thing more.

But loving Jesus, the one who gave His all to love me, isn’t about yesterday’s failures or hurts. Nor is it about tomorrows worries or one thing mores.  Loving Jesus is about serving and learning and being content in the moments He graciously gives you.

It’s about making Jesus my one thing more.

Loving Jesus is acknowledging that every thing is a gift from Him.

From that little voice that steadily whines


that scorching sun drying your laundry in half an hour


 thos moments of pain and trial that teach me I am not in control


the simple fact that I can draw my next breath.

Gratitude is Paul’s secret to being content in all moments. It’s acknowledging the truth of what our circumstances are and saying: “I deserve so much worse- what grace that I have been given this life!”

1925-1956 Beautiful Moments counted in Gratitude

  • Chick-fil-a family night
  • Breeches mostly sewn
  • Playing PBS kids games with 2 excited games on my lap
  • Hugs from A & B
  • Teething only being a season
  • Lost rulers
  • Random baby clothes loving from Auntie Jen
  • Jen also grabbing a maternity dress for me
  • Stretching the grocery budget to it’s max
  • Still have in positive balance in our checking and savings accounts even if just barely
  • Chalkboard paint on a bottom cabinet back entertaining the girls while I cook dinner
  • Freshly bathed girls covered in oatmeal
  • Getting used to cabinet doors again
  • Whimsical cabinet hardware
  • And incredibly fun (and exhausting) weekend with my parents
  • Blueberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast
  • Teething only being a season
  • Dad made meal
  • Finally pulling the girls in their boosters back up to the table
  • Fabric shopping with mom
  • Boxes of summery clothes for the girls
  • Grandpa and girls playing on the floor
  • Fun in the freezing pool
  • Rest
  • Listening to the girls clap to hear Rich Mullins’ Screen Door 
  • Having Derek home for most of 5 days
  • Orange shoes with toes worn from play
  • Cool mornings
  • Sun dressing
  • hearing Aeralind say fish
  • Beginning to not worry so much about their verbal language skills
  • Freshly washed fabric hanging on the line

holy experience