Half Way to 1000 Gifts Counted

493. Fireflies!
494. The girls in the swimming pool 🙂
495. TWO AND A HALF HOUR NAP after the swimming pool
496. Auntie Jo putting the babies to bed and staying home so we could go on a date
497. Sitting on a swing in the park with Derek holding hands
498.  Paying Auntie Jo for babysitting with a banana split
499. Music
500. Bronwyn’s two new teeth and their almost unnoticable arrival
501. Giddily taping carseat boxes together and cutting holes in them to make a crawling tunnel for the girls
502. Using the crawling tunnel for an effective gate to keep my crawlers out of the kitchen
503. My husband loving me through irrational tears
504. Playdate with all the Shepherding group babies
505. The miraculous way God is caring for baby Brandt as he recovers from his Norwood Surgery and makes strides toward coming home.
506. Aeralind’s hysterical “Rarr! I’m a Monster face!”  She scrunches up her little noise and opens her mouth and screams/smiles wide while crawling toward me.  Personally, I can’t decide whether I should run from the mischief I see in those little eyes or scoop her up and cover her with kisses!
507. Making the girls cute little bubble sunsuits for a total cost of $7.47
508. Taking the girls downtown to play in the fountains with other MoMs in the local club
509. Free Chick-fil-a (again.  We never get tired of those coupons in the mail!)
510. Derek giving me 2 hours to myself fabric shopping with a gift card that my sister gave me at Christmas
511. 2 Yards of Amy Butler’s Belle line in Eyelash for $9 waiting to be turned into a summer skirt for me. My sister will be so proud.

512. Derek getting groceries for me while I sewed and the babies napped
513. Bananas for $.33 a pound.  Between the girls and my smoothie obsession, we go through bananas quick!  I’ve even been known to buy the girls weight in bananas all at once 🙂
514. Peaches in season
515. Tiny plums at the farmers market that taste like bits of heaven
516. Watching the girls crawl under Derek’s desk in a bit of a game.  They love it when he moves them.
517. The thrift store cherry pitter my sister gave me in action.  I can’t believe we pitted an entire bag of cherries to freeze in less than 20 minutes.
518. The girls are growing so well!  Bronwyn is 16 lb 11 oz and Aeralind is 16 lb 7 oz .  That is over triple their birthweights.
519. The girls barely flinching for their 9 month vaccination.
520. Sharing all the season foods with my sweet babies.
521. Recieving thousands of smiles each day.
522. Watching the girls sit calmly next to one another and play with their sister’s outfit.
523. Oh the squealing and shrieking and screaming and pure joy!
524. Being introduced to the sluggard living inside of me.

holy experience