Husband Blessings

Our church is doing a series on Total Marriage Fitness.  It’s highly unusual for North Hills to do a series rather than preach/study through an entire book of the bible.  So when these occasional series pop up (after studying through the book of Luke for 3 years!), the importance of the topical message is awe inspiring.  Each Sunday is like going to a Marriage conference only with more time to digest what we’re hearing.  I feel so blessed to be under this teaching.

Holistically, I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Derek.  Having twins has rocked our world and their is so much temptation for the fallout of a bad day to land on him.  For Derek to get a tongue lashing when I’m upset about something else.  Or for us to simply neglect our relationship because of these high needs little ones. 

The final point on yesterday’s message was about training our thoughts.  About stopping those thoughts about our spouse that are not Truth and embracing those thoughts that are Truth.  So today I’ll let you know what I appreciate in my husband so that I can train myself to think these things.

855. I appreciate that he rarely takes things seriously
856. That he’s always wanting peace before I’m done fuming about something.
857. How he forgives completely and immediately: Derek holds no grudges
858. How he makes tea on cold mornings
859. he tolerates cold natured me snuggling with him even when he’s burning up
860. He gets up and goes to work without complaining because he loves to provide for us
861. Oh the hugs!
862. He listens to me talk through stuff
863. He makes his daughters squeal with delight
864. He makes breakfast for his daughters almost daily
865. He’s always the first out of bed to check on a crying baby
866. He puts toothpaste on my tooth brush
867. He went English Country Dancing with me… even though he thought he would hate it (and he loved it)
868. He laughs about the time I got so mad at him for beating me in Stratego that I threw all the pieces at him
869. He looks yummy in a button down
870. He’s slightly obsessed with my legs
871. He prays for me daily
872. Everytime I sign onto Gmail I get a random “I love you” IM.  Seriously, he stalks me.
873. He tells me to be a big girl when I need to hear it
874. He lets me cry when I’m not yet ready to be a big girl
875. He can run really fast
876. He’s the best kisser ever
877. He’s the one God chose for me 🙂

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