Just a few more graces

 442. Lying on the living room floor with Derek just talking after the girls are laid down for a nap
443. Ruthie dropping everything at work to bring a feverish Bronwyn a bottle of Tylenol
444. Snuggling with a feverish Bronwyn
445. Hanging out with Lindy and her SIL at the park
446. Listening to Kelsey sing
447. Derek allowing me to go listen to Kelsey sing
448. The glory that Kelsey turns to Him
449. My sweet sister celebrating 25 years
450. Headed over to Becca’s for another baby playdate
451. Making Daylin and Caris laugh in their swings
452. Being able to let Becca run out on an errand alone
453. Watching all the kiddos run around the tent
454. A Snuggling feverish Aeralind falling asleep in my Moby Wrap for the first time since she was itty bitty inside the tent
455. First fevers weathered separately and with no other symptoms
456. Lazy Saturday afternoon
457. Sharing seeds of random colored veggies with the Hoppers

holy experience