Just a short list

My husband upgraded/rebuilt our computer which means I had to wait a few days here to get PSE9 up and running again!  So just posting a quick list of thanks from last week today.

My brain’s too crazy to add more text… working on a different text piece for ‘real life’ right now 🙂

Here’s 3087-3111 gifts that God has given me for you to savor with me.

  • Crazy days all blending together
  • The powerful prayers of my LBS group
  • Strong boy rolling over
  • Karen
  • Vacuuming with Karen
  • Girls new crushes on Ben and Jay
  • Another interview/another denial/ more opportunity for walking by faith
  • Aerie saying “I read Hickory Dickory Dock!”
  • Bronwyn jumping over the sunflower fort ditch I was digging
  • Realization that my sweet toddlers are turning into little girls
  • the right attitude of grace held on a night with little sleep and the following day
  • loosing my temper over lost shoes
  • the girls accepting my humble apology
  • spa night
  • ladies laughing at my quirkiness
  • loving on the Score kids through a field day
  • Girls that was somewhat tough to deal with saying “This was the best sport day ever.”
  • Boy Score kids rolling over my meager classroom management skills
  • Tutors laughing as I scrap everything and let the boys run wild
  • Late night birthday call to dad
  • Easy dinner
  • Running outside in a downpour to remove diapers from the line. 
  • Smiley face in the bar of soap
  • Derek upgrading/rebuilding the computer 
  • Getting PSE up and running again! 

holy experience