Late Night Wakings Redeemed

I wake up in the night.  It’s probably the fifth trip I’ve made to the restroom since I went to bed 4 hours ago.

Things are not getting easier.

I almost want to complain.

But the truth is my body is working hard with the Creator to make someone new.

I find myself praying as I climb back into bed and rearrange all the pillows to find one comfortable spot.

“Thank You, Lord, the Little One is crazy wiggly.”

“Thank You, Jesus, that Derek will let me stay in bed until it’s time for him to leave.”

“Thank You, that I can’t do this without You… that your strength is made perfect in my weakness.”

And I slowly drift off, counting blessings instead of sheep.

Until the next restroom break and opportunity to give thanks.

2369-2387 things that I can thank Him for… even in the middle of the night.

  • “picnic” lunch with my ladies bible study group
  • Laughing as my girls think the older boys running around the room are running from them
  • Worn out girls
  • Spontaneous run to Hobby Lobby
  • Hysterical: how much those girls love Hobby Lobby!
  • Knitting a newborn photography wrap (or 3 so far…)
  • Ruthie watching the girls for my weekly OB appointment
  • Finding the girls wearing perfect plastic trash bag smocks and gleefully playing on a chair and step stool in the water fountains
  • Only Aunt Ruthie would do such a thing 🙂
  • Hearing Aeralind say “Bye, bye, Ruthie!”
  • Two word sentences
  • Derek staying home for a coup of extra hours while my body once again did a spontaneous colon cleanse
  • So much fun at the UMOM fall party at the orchard
  • Bronwyn so excited about seeing spiders on the hay ride that she squeaked every time she saw one
  • Girl’s picking out their very own ‘pukins!’
  • Snuggling with a strangely feverish Bronwyn and reading about her favorite Busy Spider
  • Happy Aeralind running around with her daddy in the back yard
  • So much yard and housework accomplished by my husband 
  • Little girls holding each others’ hands while we pray before meals