Laughter and other Blessings

714. 5 Very ripe mangos for $1.49 on a week when the girls most definitely needed a vitamin C boost
715. A trip to the park with the girls and watching them crawl all over everything
716. Going out with the MoM club and getting to catch up with Christina
718. Borrowed photo equipment from Rachel
719. The blessing of photographing little Lydia

720. Learning about RAW images
721. The challenge of learning the free photo editing software PhotoScape
722. Getting out of my film comfort zone
723. Holding an infant
724. Laughter at infant antics
725. Daddy staying home with the girls to make it all possible
726. Laughing at Bronwyn intentionally hitting her head on a mirror or glass
727. Aeralind attempting to climb out of the tub when her bath was over
728. Laughter from the living room ask I clean up the table
729. Bronwyn calling for Dadi! when finished with her morning nursing
730. Aeralind leaning her head against our legs when she’s tired and sucking her little thumb
731. Feeding the girls chocolate cake for breakfast to take great icing pictures and test for food reactions.

732. No Food Reactions to the cake! I don’t even think they had a sugar high.
733. Loving the chocolate cake (almost as much as mom and dad do…)
734. Laughter… oh the joy of it.  I hope it never stops.

holy experience