I may have written about my scars prematurely.

An epiphany occurred at the mirror while I dripped puddle on the floor.

Bare, alone, and scared of my reflection, I heard a still small voice:

This body loved enough to give life to two other people.

I stopped a moment and pondered that love.  Those beautiful tiny faces and the work ahead of me as I help to shaped them to be like their Creator.

And then the wind was nearly knocked out of me as I realized:

He is scarred too.

The one who loves me, the one who gave me Life everlasting: He, too, bears scars.

His skin puckers and folds over a line in his abdomen.

He loved me enough to allow his body to be scarred and broken, too.

And that should be enough.

539. Scar created, life given
540. Cheerios flying out of clothing as I start to change diaper
541. Mastitis Round 3: Helping me remember Who is in control
542. Little girls playing together peacefully as I recuperate on the couch.  Banging toys, giggling, ‘climbing’ stairs, and of course eating cheerios 🙂
543. Husband cleaning gutters
544. A morning walk with Derek and the girls
545. Little girls climbing all over me
546. Aeralind roaring back at me and charging before I could charge her after my roar!
547. Snuggles from the babies.
548. An understanding boss when I could not work
549. 9 months.  Oh I love this age!  I wish I could freeze time for just a few months
550. Little seeds I planted blossoming into generous fruit

551. Swimming laps in our community pool.
552. Moonbeam kitty snuggling with me on the desk
553. Hugs from Bronwyn
554. Aunt Ruthie joining us for a swim
555. Little girls standing up!

556. The random cucumber family plant that sprouted in our backyard and we let grow out of curiosity producing this:

holy experience