Little Blessings

He peers around his Momma’s shoulder and whispers shyly: “There’s a baby in Mommy’s tummy!”

It’s mere seconds before I crush all three of them in a hug.  I’m overjoyed.

I can’t believe the miracle that God is growing in the quiet places inside this dear friend.

And best of all, this is the second announcement I’ve enjoyed this week.

Two new lives welling up.  Two immeasurable blessings.

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with my own blessings.

Let’s be honest: Only one of our children was planned (whichever child kicked the other twin out of her egg).

Each day I sin against them.  They sin against me.  They sin against each other.

At 4:30 that same day, we all wrestle over a dumb doll stroller.  My first reaction is to sell the stroller on Craigslist; Can’t they see I’m busy making dinner for them, busy serving them, and, by golly, can’t they just let me have a moment to get this done?!

I’m lucky this time.  The sin stays in the heart.  The tongue is quiet.  Because of that Mommy with a baby in her tummy and how she walks with me.  Because of that book and the chapter on watching our words.  Because Jesus reigned in my heart for just this one instant.

I sit down and debrief them.  “Did you break fellowship with your sister over a stroller?” “Is your sister more important than the stroller?”  “How do you think we should play with the stroller together?”

I wonder:  Am I teaching them this life lesson on relationships and negotiations or are they teaching me?  Is dinner more important or is our relationship more important?

These blessings, they’re not here to make us happy.  No, they’re here to grow us into stronger joy.  And joy, it’s wrought through suffering, through growing pains, through labor.

New little blessings, I can’t wait to meet you.  I can’t wait to see how God uses you to grow your mommas.

# 3261-3277 of the little blessings He gives each week

  • How Derek went looking for a grey onesie on his lunch break for my photo series
  • How Bronwyn walks around in 1 dress up heel and one Mary Jane and no panties in her swim top
  • How Bronwyn hung out with the older boys as if she belonged with them
  • How Aerie and Sullivan played with playdough and cleaned it all up
  • Really getting to know Chelsea
  • Bronwyn standing in the yard hosing off all the big kids
  • laughing over the futility of cleaning up toys
  • The toad in the garden
  • How somehow the girls managed to tell Sullivan about the toad and the cat!  The girls really can tell stories and communicate with others!
  • No poop accidents today
  • My girls convincing Adyson to romp in the backyard naked with hem (and even to use the potty later for a marshmallow) 
  • Laughing with Joni
  • Heart chat with Mandy in the parking lot
  • Tossing the girls in the swimming pool
  • Hanging out with SG during our outside worship service
  • Hearing those shy little words announcing a secret
  • Talking hearts with Julia
  • Growth

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