Lost Joy of Childhood: Found

Yesterday morning, the girls and I baked muffins.  I’ve let them knead dough before, but other than that this was their first experience in the kitchen.

About 1/3 of the way through the recipe, I had to go get the camera!

We look back at our own childhood or watch children and we long to do that all over again.

Maybe we can.
Maybe the secret to childhood isn’t innocent youth.
Maybe the secret to childhood is delighted joy taken in every moment.

The secret is seeing the wonder and breathing thanks.

Counting Gifts to be Thankful for #2071-2090

  • Seeing Julia’s signature duct tape wrapped around a box at my breakfast spot.
  • Sweet babies who let sick me lay on a mattress downstairs while they play contentedly
  • Bronwyn’s new raised eyebrow face of delight!
  • Cheery season- so short and full of yummy joy!
  • Daily obsession with my canned goods.  The girls take them out, stack them, put them in their pool, and the put them back up.
  • Rock Star Hair

  • 15 minute appointment at the Minute Clinic confirming I had an ear infection
  • Me finally sleeping through the night after the girls have been doing it for 3 nights
  • Significantly less ear pain/dizziness first thing in the morning
  • Yogurt making in my crock pot
  • Snack time
  • Current kitchen paint related projects coming to a close (I promise.. photos by mid-August)
  • Squealy girls pulling down my pants by the belt loops
  • Waking up at 11 am to find no babies or husband in the house
  • Daddy taking the girls hiking and birding all by himself
  • Lunch together
  • Clean kitchen floor
  • Baking muffins with toddlers
  • Pure delight in dumping their measuring cups of ingredients in the bowl
  • Girls stealing cooling muffins to sample while mom and dad weren’t looking

holy experience