There’s a mess in my bonus room. 
A whole closest spilled into the room. 
A mess that had been hidden has escaped.
But good things came of it: my freezer is now in my downstairs bathroom.  A new outlet run through the closet to make it happen.

I pause, now, looking longingly at that mess and hoping it will clean itself. 
Sometimes I lack self-discipline.
Most of the time I lack self-discipline.

Another mess comes to mind: the one in my heart.
I sigh quiet.
Lord, come spill out the mess so that You can make
Good things.

897. My bible study group.  Tears held back as I ask how to train myself to believe the truth.
898. A husband who speaks the truth daily: You are beautiful.  You are His image bearer.
899. Little girls waking mid night, each nigh: reinforcing the lesson: Keep Counting Gifts.
900. Diapers still sodden in the washer, waiting for me to act.
901. Little girls asleep upstairs.
902. Impromptu Family renunion survived with joy
903. My allergy attack… leaving rapidly (when the festering jack-o-latern was removed)
904. Thick skin coupled with a tender heart.  Being given the grace to know when to ignore and when to repent.
905. Sitting in church with hubby. Alone.  Babies at home with grandparents.
906. Little girls devouring turkey.
907. Attending a class on Dealing with Defiance.
908. The support offered in my church: even with it’s 2000 attenders.  Large churches can be a glorifying community of disciple makers.
909. An unhurried moment with no babies fussing, no husband hurrying to share hearts with sweet Nana Stevens
910. Nana willing to train me: whether she knows she is doing so or not
911. A call from Heather J and the opportunity to serve her and sweet little Eric.
912. A quiet monday home
913. Contemplating writing truth to memorize on my wall.

holy experience