More Gifts

424. Little girls  both chewing on Daddy’s belt
425. The gift (and trials) of being a stay at home momma
426. The ability to apologize
427. My sewing machine
428. Baby safe mesh feeders
429.The fragrance of honeysuckle
430. Little girls giggling as my lips mingle on their skin
431. Blueberries
432. A picnic with other Moms of Multiples
433. Aeralind scooting halfway across the living room to chew on my tiny bible
434. Bronwyn rolling around in her mommy-made crawler skirt trying to touch me.
435. Pancakes brought to me on Mothers day after I’d already been granted the gift of sleep until 10 am
436. The color Orange
437. Nana’s tears of joy and thankfulness
438. My grandma making it through surgery to have cancer removed
439. A yard full of happy yellow dandelions
440. another nap in my bed with sweet snuggly daughters
441.the Gospel

holy experience