Multitude (not really) Monday

735. Charlotte Returning to hang out on our porch this year

736. Having Derek home with us for 9 days
737. Taking the girls for one of the last swims of the season (the pool is chilly!)
738. Bouncing on inflatables at Monkey Joes
739. Bronwyn’s open mouthed face of delight
740. Aeralind’s going down the slide face
741. 7 meals worth of food stretching into 2 weeks with the addition of milk and some baby snacks and birthday party food
742. Making it through 2 more sleepless ear infection nights
743. The power of Tylenol and Benadryl  😉
744. Spending a day with my sister
745. Buying fabric for Daylin’s Birthday Dress
748. Derek giving me his $10 worth of Swag Bucks earned Amazon Gift cards to spend on fabric
749. Babies sleeping well all week
749. My parents playing with my babies
750. The presents and the new fall wardrobe
751. Nana given snack cups with goldfish already in them
752. Little Converse Sneakers
753. Chacos!  For the Babies!
754. Despite the drama of rain and no clubhouse/pool and moving the party to our house at the literal last second: a party that had what matter most: friends celebrating with us
755. Girls literally diving into their cakes

756. Kissing and cuddling my babies the moment that they turned 1
757. A 3.5 hour birthday recovery nap for my sick and exhausted little girls
758. Laughing as a family
759. Temperatures dropping to feel like fall
760. Sleeping with the windows open
761. Rocking Aeralind while she sings Mum-mum-mum-muma to me
762. Early morning snuggles with Bronwyn
763. The most amazing husband and babies (almost toddlers) ever 😉

holy experience