Multitude Thursday?!

I’m in another warp speed season of life.  Let’s recount the basics for you:

Derek has a new job (wahoo!)
Memorial day weekend brought a visit from my parents (double wahoo!)
Tuesday Loving the Little Years book study at the pool (conviction… conviction… repentance… change)
Getting to hang out with Becca once a week at the pool (ahhhhh… revival of mentorship)
Eating out with Chanwey (what grace… what blessing to have a friendship which never would have occurred had it not been for both of us pregnant with twin girls at the same time!)
Sunburn…. lots of sunburn (for me… NOT my mostly native American skinned daughters!)
Sedryn moving (a lot… not crawling… but I’m going to have to set up the camera and do a time lapse photo series just so you can see it.  He gets around!)

This season is just so full of blessing and grace that I can hardly contain it all.

But aren’t all seasons like that?  It’s just some grace is harder to see from our perspective.


  • Pool dates with Becca
  • Introvert MNO
  • Getting to know some of the MOPS moms
  • Taking the girls for free ice cream
  • Their super excited faces
  • Photographing Skye
  • Susanne’s quiet investment of wisdom in me- pointing out my sin
  • Seven independent toddler/preschoolers at the pool: gotta love those puddle jumpers!
  • hard truth
  • Being able to adapt to serve others
  • My fear of man coming once more to surface
  • Aeralind calling her “My Karen”
  • Cheerios inside the onesie season returning
  • Strong boy scooting on all fours
  • Those curly headed smiles
  • Rearranging the kitchen so the girls can set the table and put away dishes
  • Speaking to Julia to verbally process sin
  • Hard things in front of me
  • How Aerie wears her goggles around the house
  • Putting the art supplies (the less dangerous ones) on the girls’ level
  • Sedryn laughing hysterically at me scaring the wits out of him
  • a contingent job offer 2 days before Derek’s job ended
  • Sharing our anxious spots at SG
  • How excited the girls are to help
  • Girls picking dandelion bouquets from the yard
  • Thunder showers
  • Sunflowers taller than the girls
  • The quiet hum of the sewing machine
  • Silly stories and silly things the girls say
  • Adapting to the boy’s early rising schedule
  • Quick editing for Skye’s session
  • Monkey and Monster Jammies that I practically have to peel off the girls
  • Good visit with my parents
  • Girls saying “Grams” and “Grandpa”
  • Dad’s cooking
  • Seafood stuffing (and some for the freezer!)
  • Early bedtime
  • Balloons
  • Sedryn gobbling down pancakes
  • Hard days.  Hard lessons.
  • First trip to an ambulance being over a silly splinter