Multitudes of Dirt

It’s been a week of getting dirty.

Of painting kitchen walls and paint smeared limbs.

Of hanging laundry barefoot in the back yard.

Of sooty hair in the fireplace again.

Of kitchen floors still in dire need of being mopping despite the painting still occuring.

Of thunderstorms and late nights.

Of dainty little toes covered in mud.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Counting #1984 to 2023 of the simple gifts God gives each day.

  • Little girls trying to drink the rest of their yogurt/cereal mixture after watching me drink my cereal milk
  • Crayon marks all over the table
  • sewing a Karen’s house
  • Using my gift to serve others- hemming a dress and curtains
  • Making a new friend who may literally live just on the other side of my backyard
  • Chattign with Karen for an hour after the others left
  • Karen lending me some maternity clothes- Super cute ones!
  • A little girl with a pin chusion
  • Picking up Bronwyn’s dropped pins
  • Ashley’s great attitude in trial
  • Frozen pixxa on a “I don’t want to cook” day
  • 2 packages received in the mail on one day!
  • The girls loving the bird pillows that I won from another sweet twin momma
  • Such a generou package from Jen
  • Bronwyn climbing down from the booster seat to go get her and sister some stuffed budies to snack with them
  • Coloring pictures for daddy’s office together
  • Pool nights with daddy
  • Laughter between sheets
  • Tiny painted toes
  • Paint for kitchen walls
  • Drop cloth for a slip cover
  • Finally mastering running errands with both girls
  • Teething (and terrible diaper rashes that come with it) being only a season.
  • 21 months with sweet babies
  • Endless toddler chatter
  • Another fun day at Roper Mt.
  • Deciding to take up furniture building with Derek
  • Conversation with Julia prompting an unanimous decision between me and Derek to wait on the mini-van in favor of paying off our last debt and rebuilding the almost non-existant emergency fund with our tax return next year
  • Pool time with Derek and the girls
  • Half slip covered chair
  • black bean quesadillas
  • Wipes sharing kindness of strangers
  • Sweet “virtual” friendships
  • Ali coming to an ultrasound appointement with me and the girls on a last minute notice
  • The girls actually interested in the baby this ultrasound
  • Cool morning at the park
  • Independent play
  • Baby kisses 🙂
  • Time to work on slipcovering the chair
  • Soot dyed hair (again :-p)

holy experience