Natural Consequences

Bronwyn asks to have her Puddle Jumper taken off.  She’s been in the water awhile and is shivery.  I agree.

I cup her little face in my hands.  “Bronwyn, do not get in the water without this.  Come ask momma for crab back if you want to swim again.”

She nods happily. 

Seconds later I spot her little body under water right off the last step she can touch.  I splash my way to her. Lift her up.
She snuggles right in, crying.
“Momma, I disobeyed!”
For a moment, a natural consequence softens her heart and immerses her in grace.  And she’s changed.  
Gifts of Grace from God last week (3368-3377)
  • How I had all three children with me when I locked us all outside
  • How Derek was able to come let us back inside
  • A little nook big enough to keep us out of the rain while we waited
  • Being able to serve another Mom
  • Sedryn sleeping long after I had cried on Mandy about being lost and him falling asleep in the car
  • Date night after a hard day
  • Morning swim buddy
  • Another joyful congratulations hug
  • Catching up with Mandy
  • Aeralind walking around the corner after daddy asked to get dressed wearing only mismatched socks and a big grin
holy experience