Numbering the Blessings

914. An entire set of baby shoes in my coat pocket
915. Little girls gnawing on French bread “hush food”
916. Collecting grease in a plastic container… melting container… grease all over counter/cabinets… laughter 🙂
917. Mill-my-own Peanut butter at the store.  I had no idea it was a luxury until recently.
918. A long naptime for all 3 of us after a long night for mommy.
919. Baskets of clean laundry
920. Reading Max Lucado’s Come Thristy
921. Working on a quilt
922. Purging my sewing supplies
923. PBJ covered polka dot wearing girls
924.Bronwyn feeding Aeralind cheerios
925.Eric asleep on my bed
926. Aeralind climbing into every container she can fit her body into
927. Bronwyn riding or standing on her tractor
928. Mischievous little girls climbing on boxes and tearing every book off my shelf
929. Feeding Eric
930. Filthy face
931. Last yellow dandelion of the season

932. Enjoying our hand me down play set
933. Being outside in this warm spell
934. Looking at clouds
935. A meal shared with friends
936. Aeralind and Bronwyn “attacking” Seth and all the giggles ensuing
937. Working on a surprise with Jenny T.
938. A mid week day off
939. Wandering the Habitat Re-Store with Derek and the Girls
940. Butternut Squash Soup
941. Pumpkin Scones

holy experience