I can’t tell you how glad I am that it’s finally October.  September was amazing and chock full of blessings.  But it was busy busy busy!   My family came Labor day weekend. Julia and her family were here Labor Day Week. The following weekend was the girls birthday party. The next week was filled with all the necessary doctors appointments (OB, Well Checks).  Then, Derek’s parents stopped in for the weekend before moving on to Georgia.  Derek worked a crazy week of overtime while his boss was out of town.  Then Derek’s parents returned for most of the last week in September.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to finish a nursery, edit a twin newborn session, and sleep when Little One lets me!

October came in slow meandering across the evening like the cold front that brought it in.

And we have soaked it up.
Picking apples.

Drinking hot cider and chocolate.
Canning apple sauce, butter, and jams.
Snuggling under covers.
Enjoying the back yard.
And mostly just wondering at how big, adorable, and suddenly talkative these girls have become over the course of the last month.

I am so blessed.
I can’t wait to see what the rest of October brings.
Counting the bounty from a crazy September: 2304-2333 of the thousands of gifts He gives.

  • Girls sleeping until 8:30 after a long night for mommy
  • Not throwing up this time
  • Aeralind climbing out of the crib on her own (after sleep sack removal and with my permission) to join ill mommy in hte bathroom
  • Aeralind lifting my shirt to kiss my tummy when I said it hurt
  • Bronwyn bringing cups from the kitchen
  • First sheet fort on a rainy day
  • Bronwyn’s sense of order-making me tie on Cricket’s Scarf
  • Crazy long nap for ehausted momma
  • Catydid on the window at night
  • Mandy putting so much heart and effort into my shower!  I felt so valued
  • Laughter at Katie and Chanwey’s stories at the shower
  • Being surrounded by people I love and love me
  • Deck stained
  • Aeralind conduction a zoo trip “Bye bye, gibbons”, “Bye bye, ‘eopards.” and marching on!
  • Full sentences!! Finally (even if they are hard to understand!
  • Finding out my kids aren’t the only ones who think home improvement stores are a playground
  • Snuggling with Bronwyn after an epic face plant
  • Best pie cruste I’ve ever made
  • Sleeping in until 8:30
  • Photographing Sarah’s twins
  • Beautiful babies
  • Enough money in net profits to order a macro lens 🙂
  • Bronwyn begging to snuggle with mommy in the morning
  • Family snuggles and the cold front that makes it possible
  • Learning new PSE skills
  • The joy of the girls playing in their new Rock Box
  • The simple pleasure of hearing the girls rejoice over a cupcake or bird or elephant no matter how badly drawn on their doodle pads
  • Just enough fabric leftover to sew a changing pad cover
  • Generous shower gifts
  • A slow Sunday after a month of chaos
  • Cool weather making sleep easier
  • Apple Picking, Eating, and Riding in Wagons.

holy experience