One Thousand Gifts

152. Moonbeam kitty.  I’m so glad we had him for almost 5 years.  His snuggles will be missed, but I had them when I most needed them to comfort me.
153. Trust in Promises that never fail.
154. Four richly blessed months with our sweet girls.

155. Provision… bit by bit… we’re going to make it because of Him
156. Dancing with friends tonight.
157. Margaret. She will be missed as she moved to Canada, but the example of faith in Him will not be forgotten.
158. My husband’s help in the kitchen.  The cook massive amounts of food on the weekend and freeze it sprees that he assists in is sometimes the only way I’d have time to get a meal to the table.
159. My husband’s help super cleaning my 4 month neglected house on my birthday (or is that for my birthday…)
161. Mom coming to help with the 4 month pediatrician appointment
162. Catching snowflakes on my tongue for the first time this season.
163. Watching Ruthie’s love for my girls.

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