One Thousand Gifts

64. Conversations with Aeralind (She says Ah-oo and I respond in kind until she’s tired of the game or just too smiley to continue)
65. That silly, fun, wonderful man-boy who stopped at bench 7 year ago just to say “hi” to a “pretty girl”
66. Warm cozy fleece wearable blankets so that we don’t have to worry about the house’s temperature
67. My crazy decision to cloth diaper the girls that has kept our checking account above the red many months now
68. Those generous folks who gave us gift cards or went out on a limb and bought us cloth diapers
69. Meeting Becca 7 years ago on a ropes course
70. The ropes course and the learning I have gained from it many times over
71. The courage to pursue working on that ropes course and the friendship with Becca that ensued
72. Majoring in Outdoor Leadership.  So much growth, so many mentors, so much love to nurture.
73. The joy of turning cartwheels
74. A roof over my head
75. Babies staying on the same schedule even if it is pretty wacky
77. Soy and coconut ice creams
78. Derek’s double chocolate chip cookies
79. Pumpkins- So gorgeous, so tasty.
80. Bronwyn’s special smiles that she reserves only for her daddy
81. Fellow moms of multiples and the support they offer
82. Chicken salad sandwiches from the St. Francis Breastfeeding Support group. Mmmm
83. Uninhibited laughter
84. Being in submission to a loving husband
85. Grace even for a proud heart like mine
86. A body that functions
87. A neighborhood with a pool
89. the ability to tend to a plot of land and produce food
90. Falling down the stairs again without hurting myself (only this time without a baby)
91. Gifts to give
92. Pastors who serve Him and shepherd me
93. Going on a walk with my husband, girls in Moby’s and Moonbeam kitty following along

holy experience