One Thousand Gifts

12. Baby smiles

13. Baby open mouthed grins

14. Sly winky-eyed pirate smiles from the girls.

15. The joy my little ones bring to others.
16. Dairy-free pumpkin pie
17. Being mothered at the Thanksgiving meal because I had mastitis again.
18. Two naps without having to worry about baby care.
19. Singing Praise and Worship at the farm

20. A three legged orange and white kitten that found a home with someone who wanted her more than any other kitty
21. Hugs
22. Watching Nana kiss my babies and tease my husband

23. Never having been in want of anything
24. Snuggling with farm kittens

25.Derek-swaddled babies
26. The ability to capture a moment with a camera.
27. Lactation consultants
28. Music.
29. The Sense of Taste

holy experience