The workout instructions said I would swim 2000 yards.

I’d left the last two workouts of less than that winded and sore, hardly able to carry Sedryn’s carseat back to the car.

I took a deep breath and dove in: literally and figuratively.

A little over an hour later I emerge from the pool: I did it.

The pace was found as I kept tempo with the clock.
As I sang worship under the water.
As I endured 2000 yards and most of it interval training.

Interval training.

Maybe that’s what life is.
God pours on a trial and I sink or swim.
Faith growing or wavering.  Muscles strengthened.
All He asks is that no matter what: I give thanks.  I turn to Him with open arms and seek Him.  On the sprint yards and the resting yards.

  • Hearing Bronwyn say “Uh oh! Doll! Naked!”
  • Sly little look as I tried panties on Bronwyn
  • Aeralind climbing up carefully to sit on the nursing pillow with brother
  • Sedryn flashing Bronwyn smiles
  • Almost 1 mile in the pool after months of vacation
  • Sore body
  • Ladies Bible Study back in session
  • Smiley boy in my lap as I count graces
  • Dirt on little chees
  • Warm enough to go to the park in January!
  • The fun of Hobby Lobby
  • Finally two 2 hour naps from Sedryn
  • A sunny spot to cut fabric during naps
  • Toddlers roaring at each other and laughing
  • Visit from Andy and her sweet tiny 1 year old Anna who is the same size as Sedryn!
  • Andy’s grace in never mentioning that I had part of Sedryns epic blowout all over my shirt
  • A meal I didn’t have to cook- so generous.
  • Cheesy biscuit anticipation
  • Clean baby hair smell
  • Backyard to play in- even if it is a bit swampy right now
  • Coffee table finally finished!
  • Special package mailed to a friend
  • the fun of the roc box
  • still looking for perfect beeads
  • Dirt on new shoes
  • Brad’s Post– We’ve all walked this path- rejector and rejected. We’ve all cried these tears.
  • A little experiement in the works
  • Two days in a row with adventurous Bronwyn somehow getting her pans sopping wet
  • Toddlers learning to meaning of heavy and lite.
  • Talking in “fabric snob” language with Jo from church
  • Talking with Mandy and Hannah and Lacey
  • The words “But you have three young children!” So what I needed to hear.
  • Deciding to go
  • Giant basket of veggies from the Noisy Rabbit
  • Getting my tail kicked at the pool.
  • Surprise at how “fast” I am- even though I have no endurance yet
  • Tiny fingers cupped softly at my chest
  • Bronwyn deciding to wear big girl panties and having 2 successes and 1 accident
  • Sedryn cooing loudly while girls push each other down the slide and I hang laundry in January!