Pterodactyls and Blue Dinosaurs: A few more Gifts Received

400. Chick-fil-a with Becca and Brady
401. Holding Baby Eric while his momma ate cereal
402. Curling up with my girls for a mid morning nap

403. 2 ounces of cheddar consumed with no real reaction from the girls (?!!!)
404. Pterodactyl noises from whatever room the girls are in (oh how they love to squeal!)
405. Little girls smiling at me
404. Feeding blueberries for the first time
406. Rain. So refreshing and we (and my garden) need it sooo much.
407. My little girls sleeping for an hour in my car after going to visit Becca
408. Talking to Sarmite
409. Playing “Duck, Duck, Blue Dinosaur” (I have no idea where the variation came from) with Bryce, James, and Daylin.
410. My girls tucked in Daylin’s Full Sized bed sleeping for 2 hours side by side
411. Daylin shrieking as I pushed and tickled her in the swing.
412. Walking around the Farmers Market during the flower fest with the girls in the stroller
413. The tiny little shower of rain at the church picnic: just enough to cool us off
414. The girls sleeping in their stroller at the church picnic
415. The kids next to us cuddling up under their blanket as it rained
416. Ruthie playing with my babies
417. Turning my first cartwheel since I was pregnant.
418. Dinner and Panera with Derek and the girls
419. Waking up to rain
420. A new orange Nalgene
421. the song of a robin
422. cutting Derek’s hair
423. Sword fighting my husband with butter knives

holy experience