I’ve not much to say right now.

My body is weak as I fight off a dozy of a GI infection or virus.

My mind is working over so many different things and trying to make real words of them.

My spirit is just so convicted; so ready to grow and soar.

Just a few gift to share with you in the quiet:

3387. How I’m able to finish a difficult curved seam before my bobbin empties
3388. 8 month old Sedryn coming out on top of the stomach bug
3389. The way Bronwyn says “womper” and just love to wear her now almost too short romper
3390. Becky having a double electric pump I could have during this nursing strike
3391. Setting up twin mattresses on the floor for the girls and taking down their cribs
3392. Spray painting a star chandelier pink at the girls’ request
3393. Air Conditioner
3394. How when we go to install the light, run into problems, leave the breaker flipped off for 3 days, and discover our accidentally defrosted chest freezer: we find there was hardly anything in there but bird food