I drop frozen meat and the crock pot on the counter.  Purposefully, I leave my husband with the canning jars.  It’s 7:00 am and these things can wait.

I skip downstairs to the best book I’ll read all day and a bit of quiet conversation with the One who made me.

Refreshed, I head back up to start my day.


  • White moth fluttering at the window
  • Encouragement from Julia
  • Sleep
  • Boy splashing in the tub alone
  • Those baby curls
  • Bronwyn showing reading readiness
  • Aeralind’s pretend world
  • Bronwyn loving Mr. Eric’s music with her whole body, dancing, clapping, and singing to the top of her lungs
  • Aeralinds reserved enjoyment
  • Long afternoons at the pool with gramma and granpa
  • A night of restful babysitting at Joni’s
  • Tortilla Sunday lunch tradition beginning
  • A few good talks with Derek
  • End of the a busy season
  • Sedryn crawling around with that pizza crust dangling from his mouth
  • A & B constantly singing “The B-i-b-l-e”
  • Clothes baskets and boxes becoming everything from cribs to freezers to reading nooks without my intervention
  • Putting up the fourth bedroom wall
  • Paint colors
  • Bunk planning
  • A hard work project
  • Days filled with good work
  • Bronwyn and Sedryn playing together laughing with the zany zoo
  • How much Aeralind is like me
  • Quiet mornings with the Lord
  • First night in 4 weeks where Sedryn did not wake until 6
  • Bronwyn snuggling with Joni when we left for our date
  • Aeralind being silly by herself
  • Good talks with Derek
  • Transparency in our small group leaders asking for critique and suggesttions