Savoring the Moments

Sometimes I just need to slow and savor some little moments.  Even if the days are overflowing with a screaming baby, whining toddlers, and an anger prone momma.

2885-2920 Savory Gifts from Him

  • Smell of Roast in the crockpot
  • Yarn hanging from the needles
  • The way Sedryn Boy loves his changing table and his tummy rubs
  • Those eyes
  • Waking drowsy daughters
  • Extra nighttime sleep
  • Getting to sleep pretty consistently until 4:15 
  • My story blessing others
  • Two girls holding hands on their own
  • Hobby Lobby: I promise it’s like preschool for us! 
  • All 3 napping together for 90 minutes for the first tiem this week
  • Sewing little girl panties from old t-shirts
  • Sedryn’s little baby head smell
  • Having “Mrs. Jen” over from across the street to hold screaming stuffy nose Sedryn while I cooked dinner
  • Having Jen tell her story
  • Aeralind learning to roll a summersault all by herself!
  • Girls who ask for what food they want
  • Not peeing in my pants while nursing in the middle of the night
  • Small-Batch Brownies and chocolate sour cream frosting. Yum!
  • Casting off the body of my first sweater
  • Voluntary Aeralind snuggles
  • Bronwyn grinning silly while kissing both my cheeks and asking me to do the same
  • husband snuggles
  • Little blue eyes
  • Bags of homemade chicken broth
  • Freedom to vote
  • Sedryn’s happy eating noise
  • The girls responding well to the responsibility to stay in their beds until the ocean music stops at nap time or until the alarm beeps in the morning.
  • Derek warm and in bed waiting for me to finish nursing
  • Smell of Bacon permeating the house
  • Running the oven on cold days
  • Girls asking for me to take them to the grocery store
  • Sedryn finally taking 2 hour naps- even if they are at odd times!
  • Sedryn’s little fist in his mouth
  • Confused trees starting to bloom
  • girls bouncing on a naked bed

holy experience