Sick Week

We had a sick drowsy week at home.  Lots of sleeplessness.  And whining.  And praying for patience.

But there was still so much beauty: even in the hard times.

And maybe that’s what all this is about.  Worshiping God in the hard times: just because of who he is: Beauty itself.


  • Derek staying home to love on his 3 sick women
  • Sedryn being a much kinder sick baby this time around
  • A & B having a party with their animals where they mad them eat felt eggs, cheese, and donuts
  • Warm “moose” suit/bunting from my sister
  • The magic of Vick Vapor rub on my feet stopping my runny nose for a time
  • Free bagels & homemade pumpkin cream cheese
  • Snuggling in bed & singing & doing finger plays with the girls for 30 minutes
  • Two crazy toddlers jumping in the shower with me
  • Haircuts hopefully making hair combing easier
  • Dreaming big dreams
  • A girls night with Tiffany
  • Ali posting about this video on Facebook
  • Hawk calling overhead
  • Refresh
  • Standing outside talking to Karen for hours
  • Derek-made drying rack
  • Laying with Derek and watching our boy roll over intentionally for the first few times
  • Capturing that 3rd roll on video
  • Derek and girls letting me sleep til 10:30
  • Feeling slightly human again after a sick, sleepless week

holy experience