He’d been screaming for over 45 minutes now.

Short story.
Missed Nap.
Exhausted Baby.
Cries mid 2nd nap.
Cry it out.
Poopy diaper.
Still Screaming.
Even while Rocking,

He was laying on my arm in a crumpled ball on the floor.  It was near the end of the girls rest time.  I didn’t know what to do to make him stop screaming.

So I sang.

“My Jesus, I love thee. I know thou art mine…”

A long shuddering sigh.  Silence.  Little eyes flutter closed in rest.

Sometimes I wonder why God created music.  He didn’t have to.  We could all speak in monotone… or even telepathically.

Sometimes I understand the pure beauty of music.

To change my heart…
and calm his.

4516. Finding Fairy land with the girls on a walk
4517. Girls pointing out with joy the fish in the creek at fairyland
4518. Being a two car family again
4519. Watching B Grow
4520. Karen’s genuineness
4521. Little boy standing up and ravenously cleaning plates at the kid table while we all laugh
4522. My own selfishness always before me.
4523. “Roar (feed me)” An answer to a prayer.
4524. Nana over at my hosue for inpromptu lunch
452. Music
4526. Quiet evening alone after two rough cold days
4527. Bronwyn’s tight neck hugs
4528. Our friend Abel’s beautiful (hard) story
4529. How B says “Momma, there’s a bird.” and shows me a mocking bird puffed in the cold.
4530. Sedryn’s “World’s cutest alarm clock” onesie.  A truthful find at a consignment slae
4531. Quiet blessed days
4532. Spaghetti Squash.

holy experience