Spring Blessings

Life is just flying by right now.  Maybe it’s the warm air.  Maybe it’s the happy toddlers.  Maybe it’s just crazy spring.

But we’re loving it!  Soaking every moment up to the fullest like the thirsty earth with the afternoon thunderstorms.

I can’t express to you how blessed we all feel right now.

#3112-3130 gifts that I’m stealing a precious moment to type down on a gorgeous early morning.

  • Garden green and growing in the backyard
  • Sunflowers coming up in the girls sunflower fort
  • 4 year old wildflower mix sprouting in a clearing in the front yard
  • visit from Ken and Jen and Gary
  • Aeralind claiming Kent as hers
  • Gary teaching Bronwyn to fist bump
  • Bronwyn laughing hysterically while fist bumping and pottying
  • B grabbing some stranger’s behind in the restaurant
  • Resume forwarded at a local college
  • Aeralind squealing “All done!” when she finished eating and hopping down from her chair and running frantically down the aisle at the restaurant
  • Kent chasing after her laughing
  • Answered prayers for Jen
  • Laughing at Derek in church
  • The crazy what this relationship formed
  • Skype hide and seek with Aunt Kay Kay (whose name sounds like Aunt Cupcake from the girls!)
  • Dad pretend eating a banana on Skpe
  • An afternoon of rest
  • Faces of fear changing into excited faces saying “God’s jumping! each time it thunders.
  • Sedryn not eating until 7-8:30 most of this week
holy experience