Spring is coming!

318. Spring weather
319. Chatting at Furman with Mandy and Heather while our babies ate and played.
320. Fasting from the internet
321. Chubby little legs
322. Watching a strong will develop and knowing I have the responsibility to shape it
323. Sweet potato all over little faces

324. ‘Aunt’ Ruthie
325. Spring blooming

326. 6 months with two little girls at our home
327. a genuine giggle while I bounced Bronwyn on my knees
328. Aeralind deciding solid food wasn’t so bad after sampling apples I pureed that gramma and grampa brought all the way from Maine
329. Tofu Chip Dip (even if the girls reacted to it… it’ll be good for a mom whose babies can tolerate larger amounts of soy)
328. First Bath together

329. A hug from Zach (or was it Alex that I carried to the car? I can tell them apart, but I can’t remember who I picked up!)
330. Date night
331. Visit from Mom and Kaykers
332. A great first day at my contract job on the ropes course. The group was fabulous and we all dug into the Word.
333. Girls who slept as we took a little road trip this weekend
334. Kent and Jennifer and the ‘random’ string of events that brought us together.
335. A new shower curtain for the hall bath from my mom. Makes me laugh.
336. a more regular nighttime sleep routine
337. Watching Kent play with the girls.  So cute! Jen is a lucky lady to have him  (and him to have her)
338. Hearing my sister say “oh, Amy..”
339. Bronwyn’s grins for granny
340. Oh, the raspberry blowing…
341. Aeralind finding her toes
342. Lindy and the blessing of little Brandt
343. The nose flicking game hubby and I invented and the laughter it brings

holy experience