Sudden Valentines

Counting these thousand gifts has been such a joy.  There are moments of frustration or bitterness or anger or self-pity and then I look around me briefly and it’s like a Valentine just appears right next to me.  A moment, a giggle, a sweet hug, an unexpected phone call, or a heart shaped leaf are crafted and placed right in my path to draw me closer to my Lover.  Such sweet graces to ponder.

789. A heart shaped leaf
790. Taking photos of the girls in the park downtown
791. Just walking with Derek downtown
792. The cool crisp weather
793. Another park date with Heather and Eric
794. Aeralind learning to climb down two stairs at the park
795. Bronwyn watching bubbles
796. My ‘Good Morning, Girls!”
797. Chanwey for asking me to join
798. Emailing Julia back and forth
799. Sewing Birthday Gifts for Daylin
800. Painting the top of my coffee table in a design
801. Putting a blanket back on the bed after a long hot dry summer
802. Enjoying cheese again on a semi-regular basis
803. Watching Aeralind day by day master standing up on her own
804. Watching Bronwyn today as she struggled to obey when I told her no, but how she succeeded (with a little whining for emphasis)
805. A husband who more than helps out with the girls

holy experience