Summertime Gifts

557. Eating my first red grape tomato
558. Purchasing heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market
559. Eating said tomatoes on turkey sandwiches this weekend
560. Okay, I just love tomatoes. Best summertime gift ever.
561. A hair cut (that I actually like!).
562. 6 discount bags of bananas for $6. I think those bags had close to 20lbs.  Smoothies and little girl bliss 🙂
563. Falling asleep to the sound of firecrackers
564. Freedom in this country
565. Those who fought for freedom (and fight still)
566. Those great men who had the vision for this country
567. Little girls ‘swimming’ in the pool
568. The smell of crockpot ribs permeating the house.
569. Two charm packs of Lollipop on the way here to become a handcrafted gift.
570. The SwagBucks earned by searching the web that purchased those charm packs
571. Hugging Lindy after church
572. A heart felt talk with Matt
573. Swimming in the pool with Ruthie
574. A newly painted bathroom
575. A wonderful sister who helped me paint the bathroom
576. My sister snuggling with my babies
577. Jersey Mikes with my sister
578. Watching little girls stand at the coffee table and eat Cheerios
579. Rare Aeralind snuggles
580. Early Morning Derek Snuggles
581. Bronwyn laughing as I munch on her toes

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