Tap Tap Tap


It’s all I can hear at the moment. 

There’s a wood pecker on my roof, doing what he was made to do.

I, in my pink socks and Chaoco’s, race out with my camera to see if I can capture his beauty.

I catch a glimmer of it as it flies away, but the evidence of his recent work is laid before my eyes.

Isn’t that just like God? You can hear Him working, you can see the evidence of His labor over time, and if you’re lucky you can catch a small glimpse of Glory out of the corner of your eye.

And so I sit down here, doing my own version of
on the keyboard.

Counting out those glimpses of Glory and saying Thank You.

Doing what I was meant to do.

806. A woodpecker to keep me company during naps
807. Derek making and feeding the girls (and sometimes me!) breakfast more days this week than I have
808. A husband who willingly helps out
809. Watching little girls sleep
810. Helping Mandy move
811. Watching Reagan chew on a box
812. Bronwyn obeying a “Don’t touch” command, even though it took all her strength and she sat down and whined about it
813. Ruthie carrying the girls in to bible study
814. An afternoon with Becca
815. Talking about a situation that I’ve been stewing over with Becca
816. Clarity and good advice
817. Peace
818. Laughter about the girls chewing on rocks and sticks
819. Having the courage to ask a bible study mom (who I really admire) to go with the zoo with me…
820. …even though I couldn’t remember her name
821. Getting to know that mom: Karen
822. Having Gospel oriented conversation with Karen
823. No pretenses:  Being free to say–I’m broken and I don’t have it all together
824. Aeralind digging in the mulch at the zoo
825. Bronwyn climbing all the way to the top of the slide at the zoo when I was busy changing her sister’s diaper
826. Aeralind learning to stand up all on her own and the pride she has in doing it
827. Bronwyn quickly learning the same skill so she can get praise too.
828. Watching my children thrive on praise and knowing uncertainly the truth of Eph. 4:29
829. Aeralind chasing around an acorn at the park and squealing as it moved away from her
830. Brownyn trying to share mulch with the other moms at the park {even if they ignored her ): }
831. A three day weekend for hubby!
832. Playing at a park with Derek and the girls
833. All of us eating sub sandwiches for lunch
834. Being down to one nursing a day!
835. The girls seeming to do okay on whole milk (though Bronwyn has a runny nose that concerns me…)
836. Discovering that fleece makes much better diaper wipes than flannel
838. Finishing Daylin’s birthday dress, purse, headband, and twin baby dolls with only a few scraps left.
839. Aeralind sprouting 5 3/4 teeth to catch up with her sister in 6 weeks with little complaint!
840. Daily simple grace
841. 13 months with these beautiful quirky babies that God entrusted us with.

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