The Gift of Returning

Thursday afternoon I opened the side door to let a whining Olive cat come inside. I was busy making something to eat when I turned and saw a flash of orange and white. Olive cat is brown. I followed the flash downstairs to see something I never expected to see again: a safe but skinny Moonbeam kitty eating from his food dish raveneously. After nearly 4 weeks of being gone (the first week having nights in the low teens!), he has returned miraculously. The lost has been returned to it’s master and I rejoice; what a small glimspe of me returning to Him.

187. Moonbeam kitty returning!
188. A cold kept to myself.
189. 8 hours of sleep one night this week.
190. a husband who kept sending me to bed when I was tired.
191. Gas in the car
192. A church family that knows and honors what it means to raise children in community
193. Watching Lindy’s peace in the midst of a storm
194. Such easy going babies
195. Karen’s link to a dairy free yogurt recipe.
196. Warm weather
197. Almost down to 3 naps a day!
198. Watching my daughters share smile and laughter
199. The sound of the whine chime letting me know wind exists.
200. Spit up soaked shirts (mine)
201. Hearing my sister’s voice
202. Thoughtful presents
203. Nana kisses
204. Ruthie’s baby love
205. Playful banter
206. Everything Bagels
207. A glimpse of spring coming