Whirling End

And the year has come to a whip whirling end.  Two sick babies, nebulizer treatments, lost sleep, and frazzled moments.  It was all I could do to hang on. 

And then…


a reprieve. 

A two day adventure without babies.  Moments frozen.  Enjoyed.  Slow time together.  What a gift.


  • Not getting RSV last year
  • 153. Only Bronwyn being completely plowed over by RSV this year
  • Silly Aeralin playing all by her self squealing while Bronwyn snuggled
  • Rare Bronwyn snuggles
  • Derek being able to work from home even though his boss was on vacation.
  • Jenny B lending me a nebulizer and saving us a tone of money
  • Ruthie taking time out of her busy week to watch the girls so this exhausted momma could nap
  • Unexpected dinner and humidfier from Barb
  • Aerie sleeping through the night
  • Bronwyn sleeping alright in our bed
  • Potato soup from Heather
  • Long afternoon nap
  • A good pediatrican 
  • Antibiotics and breathing treatments–despite the cost
  • Farm Nan and Aunt Ruthie hosting a sleep over with the girls despit their sickness
  • a full night sleep
  • 2 days with just Derek and I!!!!
  • My birthday lens. So fast! So sharp!
  •  Cheese fondue with the Birthday Derek
  • Walking around and photographing at Furman lake
  • Running pricing worksheets with Derek’s help
  • Babies returned safely and in better health than when they left
  • Baby hugs when they returned
  • Bronwyn sitting with daddy with little crossed ankles
  • Farm stories from Ruthie and the girls
  • Cosy coup fun
  • A slow day at home with the girls
  • Warm weather calling us all outside
  • Pushing little girls in Cozy Coups at a local park
  • Little Aeralind climbing the play set, turning around backwards, and coming down an 8-foot slide all while I stood at the bottom!
  • Bronwyn recovering from her clingy quiet feverish self to her usual quirky crazy non-stop self.
  • Family donut time
  • Aeralind bringing only orange balls out of the ball pit
  • Aeralind handing me and orange ball and laughing in shock as that ball turns out to be a tangerine!
  • Shrimp alfredo
  • Bronwyn only crying 2.5 hours the first night we felt she was healthy enough to sleep on her own
  • Bronwyn only crying a little over 1 hour the second night we felt she was healthy enough to sleep on her own
  • Derek and I taking turns to soothe her and committing together to stand up against her sweet (how precious to want to sleep with mommy and daddy!) but strong will.
  • Sleeping in 🙂
  • Husband snuggles as Bronwyn finally falls asleep

holy experience