Worn out with Grace

It’s been a busy few weeks and this week is supposed to be busier.  Breastfeeding support group, Bible Study, Shepherding Group, Dance Rehearsal, maybe a Playdate, and a Dance Performance. Whew!  But all of it is filled with grace and with people who speak grace. I am worn out by Grace.

250. My Bible Study Group
251. Sara, meeting her and her twin boys. The crazy sets of events bringing us to friendship.
252. Baby Reagan arriving safe (pleas pray as she has been sick)
253. Watching concentration that goes into grabbing a toy
254. Aeralind’s cheerfulness in the morning. What a joy to wake up to.
255. Bronwyn cuddles when she’s not feeling so well.
256. Snow melting on Saturday in time for us to get out of the house
257. Coconut shrimp
258. Hand-me-down toys
259. Blessing others with the overflow of hand-me-downs
260. Baby fragrance
261. Snuggles with my husband
262. Facebook chat with far off friends
263. Watching Derek “roughhouse” with the girls

holy experience